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           Feel free to check out the location of different family members across America!                                                                                                                                   Here is a list of email addresses for family members

Name Email Address
Brian Lauducci brian@AT@lauducci.com
Dana Lauducci dana@AT@lauducci.com
Kevin Lauducci kevin@AT@lauducci.com
Jason Lauducci jason@AT@lauducci.com
Jim Lauducci jim@AT@lauducci.com
Ryan Saccoman ryan@AT@lauducci.com
Rob Lauducci rob@AT@lauducci.com
Patti Lauducci patti@AT@lauducci.com
Mike Lauducci mike@AT@lauducci.com
Sarah Lauducci sari@AT@lauducci.com
Marianne Lauducci mare@AT@lauducci.com
Heather Prismantas heather@AT@lauducci.com
John and Sheila Lauducci johnandsheila@AT@lauducci.com
Jill McCredie jill.mccredie@AT@comcast.net
Tara Ra Lauducci ralauducci@yahoo.com

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